Dr. Crandall & Associates

the first Dental Clinic with a Hygiene-Focus!


Dr. Crandall & Associates is a private dental practice located between Dellwood and White Bear Lake.  We have been in business for 50 years - coincidentally, so has much of our dentistry. Great dental outcomes = great value! Call today to learn more  651-429-5354


Here's our Hygiene Team:


Claudia - Registered Hygienist

Chris - Registered Hygienist

Cindy - Registered Hygienist  

Cindy - RDH

Sandy - Registered Hygienist                                                

And Here are our Dentists:

Dr. Chris Hormuth DDS 

Dr. Hormuth graduated from the University of Minnesota Dental School in 2009 with an emphasis in Sports Dentistry, Orofacial Pain, Endodonitics & Dental Pathology.  He and his wife love to kayak, travel and hang with their adorable (and lively!) dog, Norm.

Dr. Karen Portis DDS 

Dr. Portis graduated from the University of Alberta Dental School in 1992 with an emphasis in Cosmetic Dentistry. She lives in North Oaks with her husband and two children. Outside our clinic, Dr. Portis's interests include gourmet cooking, golf and traveling.

Dr. David Nedrelow DDS 

Dr. Nedrelow graduated from the University of Minnesota Dental school in 2013 and is currently pursuing a PhD in Dental Biomedical Engineering. His interests include playing piano, reading, swimming, and flying.


And our Support Staff includes: 

Therese Black - Office Manager


Krissetta Sampair - Licensed Dental Assistant